Monday, May 13, 2013

Minnie Mouse Party DIY (loot bags)

    I just wanna share with you all some of the DIY projects that i made for my daughter's birthday party. I did a lot of DIY projects for this party and because of it i save a lot of money but still make her party extra special.
I made her loot bag to match the theme of the party , using black paper bags that i purchased from michaels ( I used coupon ofcourse). :-)

The first picture was before i added the thank you notes that i created using my computer. I was going back and forth deciding if i should put the TY note on the back or the front of the loot bags or just hang it somehow, then i ended up adhering it on the front with the help og the birthday girl :-)
Minnie mouse bracelets for the girls.
I saw a minnie mouse bracelets at walmart but its kind of expensive so i decided to make my own. I bought a bracelet at dollarama for a dollar and there's 3 different colors in a set, so all i needed to do is the minnie mouse charm for it.

I used 2 different size plastic beads to make the charms. I glue it using super glue, when you glue the small piece (ears) to the big piece i will suggest that you use a small piece of paper in between the two beads (it will make it adhere more). And ofcourse i had to make the packaging :-)
Bubbles!!! Again i have to save somehow so i purchased a sets of wedding bubbles from the dollarama then i just decorated it to match the theme of the party.

Antoinette :-)



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